Thank you so much for the generous donations for ACE and also the YMCA in Derby, who are asking for our help in organising emergency packs for the vulnerable young people they help.  During these difficult times, the YMCA are particularly concerned about the wellbeing of their offsite residents.  These youngsters, who have come from very difficult situations, have spent time at the Derby campus and have worked extremely hard on their health and wellbeing, budgeting skills and independent living skills. With the support and help of our accommodation staff, they have managed to get themselves back on track and into their very own flats, which is such a huge and fantastic step. Unfortunately during times like this, we can’t always know if there is going to be anyone there for them. That’s why these emergency packs are so important – if they become unwell and are unable to leave their homes, they may not have a friend or family member to help them with supplies. 

There has been a wonderful response to this appeal and all donations are greatly appreciated.  Items can now be left in the blue boxes either outside the church office or rectory.

Suggested list of items: Dried pasta, Pasta sauces, Beans, Toms, Cereals, Tea , Coffee, Sugar, Shower gel, Soaps, Tin curries /meals , Cuppa soup, Pot noodles , Shot pots, Tinned fish , Vegan & veg tin foods , curries ?, Rice, UHT milk, Jam, Tin Ravioli  & pasta, Toilet paper



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